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Jaz and Jay Chahal

Hello Professor Mohandas, Mrs Malika Mohandas, Dr P Mohandas, and a big hello and hug to Prof George Chandy, Dr Arul Prakash, Prof Baskaran and their respective teams,


All you guys are famous as is MIOT International as that is all we have been raving about since we got back. Everyone has been asking how everything went and I cannot praise the doctors that dealt with me enough for not only making me better medically, but for making me better mentally and physically.

I still get a little scared when I am eating fruit, salad and other foods that have been forbidden to me for the past 3-4 years, but feel fantastic when I think how healthy I can eat now and not have to suffer the excruciating pain that I got so used to experiencing.

Mrs Malika Mohandas, thank you for visiting me so often especially when you have so much on your plate, but you never made us feel like you were short of time for us and sat down and spoke to us (with a smile) for as long as we needed. Also, it was really nice of Dr P Mohandas to take time out of his clinics to come and sit with us and have a lengthy chat about all things UK and India.

The cardiologist – Dr Rafi had a great chat with us as he has just gone back to India and Chennai and knew some of the doctors we had dealt with as he lived local to us and worked at the hospitals that I went through. Also, he was very knowledgeable about the NHS service and its good and bad aspects. It was nice to talk to him as he knew both sides of the coin quite recently and appreciated our decision.

I could go on for hours on each of the individual doctors we met and how polite, professional, caring and fantastic they were, but I don’t think any of you have that much time.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you and let you know that because of the way MIOT International works, it will always be our number one hospital for anyone anywhere who asks us where they can get the best treatment and care for any medical condition they may have (except Paeds, but hey, it won’t be long before Prof Mohandas and Mrs Mohandas get that building up and running too).

We have already told some relatives who are fighting a battle with cancer to go to MIOT where they have the Trubeam and the best care and equipment and doctors that can help them. They are already considering it for their son.

Here, too, we have friends who have said that they will come to visit us and wish to know all about the hospital (this is where the CD’s come into play), as the wife is experiencing similar pain to mine in her stomach and has been told that she has an intestine problem but that is all that they have been told. As you know, indians do not have a habit of questioning doctors or asking anything and say ‘ok’ to everything, hence coming out of a consultation not knowing any more than what they did when they went in.

Anyway, my lunch is ready, oh! please tell Benjamin in the kitchen that I have found the mangoes that he was so nicely cutting up for me and watermelons and I am having at least five fruits a day – unfortunately, the mangoes are not as sweet as the ones there but for the UK, they are good.

I will keep in touch so you are all stuck with me. Please let Deepa the physio know that I do the Dr B exercise and it works. Also I am doing the other exercises gently yet but will do more as I feel better. Let Dr Baskaran know that my wound has stopped oozing and I have a wound check up with the nurse at our GP practice next week. (That’s the NHS for you, you have to wait for an appointment then go).

Someone please reply so I know that this message (essay) has been received.

Jaz and Jay Chahal.