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G. Karthikeyan & P. Sumalatha

Because God cannot come everywhere to take care of us and he sends his representatives in the form Good hearted Human beings and I have seen such forms of Gods in your Hospital. It is not praising statement; this is from my bottom of Heart and felt it in your Hospital.

My 3 year old son was diagnosed with Meddulablastoma Cancer and we came for a Radiation treatment to MIOT Hospital once after Brain Surgery and one year Chemotherapy in different Hospital. Just before few days to the treatment I had lost all of my belongings in my house due to a major theft and the cash kept for the treatment. I was totally dark and came to MIOT and I would say God has shown the path towards you.

First of all our sincere thanks to your kind heart which has sanctioned the Cash discount considering our bad situation and at the same time God never forgive me if I fail to say about your Radiation Oncology, Oncology and Anesthesia team.

What a wonderful team you have sir, I have really seen the meaning of words Dedication, Love & Care through them.

Really I have seen many forms of Gods in your place like Dr. Lakshminarayanan, Dr. Gopika, Dr.Ramprabhu, Dr. Vijayagopal & Dr. Vedapriya and the Ward Secretary, and the teams behind the screens like Planning & Radiation teams and the Staff Nurses.

You know each one has really showered the love on my Son rather calling as a treatment and this itself giving us the confidence that my son will come out his problem totally.

I really admired on Dr. Lakshminarayanan on his way and style of handling the entire team towards Goal oriented Focus with Love & Care.

The Homely ambiance of the ward and the Lovable Caring team around us made my son to feel like his Home and felt so secured & comfort and co operated very well for the treatment.

This is not only my view and even heard from many of the co patients too.

Thanks a lot for all

G. Karthikeyan & P. Sumalatha