Special Orthopaedic Clinic

We take our ability to move freely for granted. When minor irritants like stiffness or swelling in limbs occur, we self medicate or simply ‘adjust’. We seek medical help for an orthopaedic problem only in an emergency or when the irritant gets worse, despite our best efforts. At this point, it would be wiser to approach a Centre dedicated to Orthopaedics with a good track record rather than get further delayed with neighbourhood help. In the current environment, Medical care is one area you do not want to compromise on – for yourself or your loved ones. Seek out a Centre that has the RIGHT approach to medical treatment, which is what essentially restores you to good health – quickly, completely and without trauma. In other words, be sure when you go in. WHY EXPERIMENT?

Protect your loved ones so they enjoy for what you’ve worked so far.

Come to MIOT International and get an Orthopedic Health Check-up for your family through Special Orthopaedic Clinic for Corporate Employee Dependents.

Some of the common causes of orthopaedic disorders are age, occupation, activity level, lifestyle.

Risk factors for orthopaedic ailment includes:

  • Any type of pain in your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, or back.
  • Joint stiffness or difficulty in using or moving the joint after a period of movement or activity
  • Pain in muscles, tendons, or joints that persists for more than a few days.
  • Joint pain that becomes more intense during periods of rest.
  • Swelling or bruising around the joint or the location of an injury.
  • Limited range of motion, such as an inability to straighten the back.
  • Joint deformity.
  • Signs of infection including heat, inflammation, fever, and/or redness in the joint.
  • Any unusual symptoms in the pain region.
  • Recurring or constant joint pain or tenderness.
  • A crunching feeling or the sound of bone rubbing on bone.

Special Orthopaedic Clinic for Corporate Employee Dependents

Test Covered    
  • BMI
  • BMD
  • X-Ray (If required)
  • Orthopaedic Consultation

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