3D Digital Mammography System


3D Digital Mammography System

Screening through mammography is the best way to stay safe when it comes to breast cancer – you know it. But chances are you’ve been putting it off as the very thought of the procedure fills you with apprehension. Relax, you are not alone. Take a survey of just about any group of women and you’ll find they feel the same way!

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However, you can now put all your fears to rest with the State-of-the-art 3D Digital Mammography System from GE Healthcare installed at MIOT International, Chennai. This system, available in very few hospitals in India has been designed primarily to give you a painfree experience. Built on an upgradeable platform, which can move from basic screening to advanced diagnostic procedures in a matter of minutes, the system is ideal for first time & repeat screeners as well as those Seeking conclusive diagnoses.

The MIOT Digital Mammography Suite – Zero Stress Zone

From the moment you enter the Suite, you are taken care of by an all-women team. Our expert Radiologist takes you through the procedure while the technologist guides you through the preparations.


The state-of-the-art 3D Digital Mammography system then takes over. It auto positions you within seconds even as the ergonomically designed handles and paddles mould your breasts to ensure minimal discomfort during the compression part of the procedure.

The system then senses your breast density and thickness customizes the radiation dose required and delivers an optimized X-ray spectra which penetrates the densest breast region – all in a space of 40 secs.
The Radiologist in the adjoining room is simultaneously viewing the crystal clear 3D images produced on a hi-resolution monitor. There are no films to check as with conventional machines & no need for you to wait.
You are free to go!
“As one of our patients, Mrs. Aruna Govind* said, ‘It was so fast and painless that it was over before I knew it. I had my results and diagnosis in hand within 15 minutes”
If the Radiologist has any suspicions of abnormality, you may have to wait for a few quick and stress free procedures that could take an additional 30 minutes. The system with its enhanced features highlights areas of unusual blood flow patterns should there be cause for suspicion. It can identify the precise location and confirm the nature of the lesion with 100% accuracy, all in the same sitting.
This leaves you free to seek further treatment, in the shortest possible time.
You leave with a conclusive diagnosis & clear direction. Without the Trauma.

Growing incidence

Breast cancer is no longer the story of a disease affecting a distant stranger. We all know someone who has fought the disease: a family member, a friend, a colleague.

Early detection and treatment is the way to beat the disease. At MIOT, we have integrated the cutting-edge 3D Digital Mammography System into our treatment process for exactly this purpose – to save as many precious lives as we can

Advantage of 3D Digital Mammography @ MIOT

People behind the machine make all the difference
Our team of experienced Radiologists and technologists have been specifically trained on the intricacies of this advanced system, its features and technology. Their hands-on expertise allows us to give you results that are fast, accurate and conclusive.


Image clarity with built-in safety
The unique modality which senses breast density and thickness and adjusts radiation doses accordingly makes the system extremely safe and reliable. It results in radiation doses that are 30-50% less than standard mammography even as it ensures excellent image clarity.

No hidden surprises with Breast Tomosynthesis
This state-of-the-art 3D Imaging technique uses a low-dose, single X-ray sweep of 9 exposures that separates tissue layers, thereby reducing overlapping of structures. Images taken from various angles are put together to create detailed 3D images which detect cancers even less than 1 cm. This is quite unlike 2D mammograms which have a single film where overlapping tissues do not reveal the whole picture.


Ideal across sizes
Since it delivers consistent image clarity across tissue layers, the system is specially suitable for women with dense breasts who often have to undergo repeated screenings for a conclusive result elsewhere.

Eliminates doubt instantly
If the Radiologist suspects an abnormality, contrast enhanced spectral mammography can be taken up in the same suite. The patient will be administered an intravenous injection of iodine and the mammography repeated. Should there be cause for suspicion, the system will highlight areas of unusual blood flow patterns and even detect the exact location of the lesion – all within 10 minutes.

Trauma free biopsy
If a lesion is located, you will no longer have to undergo a painful, invasive biopsy where results may be delayed and inconclusive. The system can be switched to a stereotactic biopsy mode and a simple biopsy done by correct positioning of the patient and lesion. The nature of the lesion is instantly confirmed, allowing for immediate treatment, if necessary.

Single window clearance saves time and costs
Since the 3D images produced by the system give conclusive information for diagnosis and further treatment, patients save time and costs on ‘call backs’ and additional tests such as ultrasound and biopsies.

Appointments for 3D Digital Mammography at MIOT

We all know that the mantra to beat breast cancer is: Be Informed, Be Aware, Be Proactive. So look out for warning signs, get yourself screened regularly after 40 years of age and seek medical help without delay if you notice any red flags.
You can call us for queries and screening appointments at 044 4200 2288 (extn 60131/4255)
Should you need further treatment after screening, choose a Centre which treats the disease wholistically. At MIOT International, it has been our constant endeavour to help our patients recover in the best way possible so that they continue to lead lives productively and with dignity.

MIOT Centre for Cancer Cure


Diagnosis to rehabilitation – under one roof
We are one of the few centres in India offering complete care from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation in a single facility. We fight alongside you with the world’s latest treatments and a wealth of experience and expertise.

World-class imaging & laboratory facilities – for accurate diagnosis
Our imaging and diagnostic facilities, which include a state-of-the-art laboratory that is ranked 8th in the world and advanced imaging modalities, deliver speedy and accurate reports.


24×7 Team of Oncologists, customised treatment plans
Our team of Oncologists works with other specialists to devise a customised treatment plan that is comfortable for every patient. The goal is to ensure that patients complete their course of treatment as planned. This is essential for their effective recovery and return to normal life.


New-wave treatment with focus on patient comfort
We offer the latest chemotherapeutic drugs and are hence able to anticipate and offset side effects with pre-medications which make treatment easier. In surgery, we work with other specialists, including reconstructive surgeons, to preserve as much of the patient’s organ as we can while removing the cancerous tissue completely.


Most Advanced Radiotherapy
MIOT International was among the first hospitals in India to offer the world’s most advanced

Radiotherapy – with TrueBeam STx. Safer, faster and more accurate, TrueBeam STx delivers image-guided, patient friendly treatment in mere minutes.

Team Effort
Your health is of paramount importance to us and you deserve the most advanced in breast care technology. With our well-trained teams, the latest in breast cancer detection systems and an ambience of compassion and care, MIOT Institute Of Cancer Cure is a woman’s best ally against breast cancer.

We are open six days a week. Please call for an appointment at 044 4200 2288 (extn 5081) or email us at onco@miothospitals.com