MIOT A to Z Bones Camp

The story of your bones. One that started in the womb, barely 6 weeks into your life cycle and has continued for the rest of your life. A story of 206 bones, ably supported by 360 joints, 640 muscles, 300 tendons , 740 ligaments and miles of cartilage that criss-cross your body from head to toe. They have shaped you, supported you, protected your internal organs and above all made your every movement possible. What makes the story truly amazing is the remarkable ability of bone to regenerate and move on, despite damage from advancing age, disease and injury.

Over the last 20 years, we at MIOT International, have invested resources and talent to Specialise in the repair, renewal and healing of every part of this amazing organ system. The World’s First Ever A-Z Bones camp from MIOT celebrates the spirit of thousands of patients from all over the world who come to us, seeking a better quality of life from the advanced and personalised Orthopaedic treatments that we offer.

Madurai A to Z Bones Camp – May 03 & 04, 2018

The 2 day camp will cover 5 Specialities,

  • Deformities (Paediatric & Accidents)
  • Joint Replacement
  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine

Meet our Specialists for a Consultation & evaluation at the MIOT A to Z Bones Camp on May 03 & 04, 2018 at TS Rajam Auditorium, Tallakulam, Madurai. For Registrations (mandatory) please contact +91 98842 66566, +91 98841 99599.

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Bone Deformities

Our patients with Bone deformities, most of whom go home with excellent outcomes benefit from our experience over the last 20 years which has led to a Team of Specialists for every kind of bone deformity at MIOT , be it Spine, Hip, Shoulder or Limbs.

What causes deformities in the bone?

The causes could be many. They could range from Genetic disorders, damage of baby in the womb or at birth, Infections or diseases that affect the bone at childhood, fractures that have been untreated or wrongly treated, post Accident , Arthritis or Rheumatoid disorders, etc . Age, bone health & general health condition could also influence the effect of the basic cause. Therefore an accurate diagnosis of the case is key to a successful deformity correction.

The Specialist Advantage at MIOT

It is here that patients benefit from our Specialists. Their expertise, honed by years of experience and advanced diagnostics allows them to identify the cause and challenge in every case accurately – without experimenting. They, then use state-of-the-art-facilities and latest techniques to plan & execute treatments, quickly & confidently. This dedicated, expert care gives our patients a successful and safe correction – the very first time.

Can correction of Bone Deformities be done at any age?

As most deformities begin in childhood, early diagnosis and treatment can ensure complete correction and minimal disturbance during growing years. At a younger age bones are soft and mouldable. They also heal faster and have smaller scars. Therefore overall outcomes are good. ( Ideal age for treatment : Baby : 15 days – 9 mths; Older children: 13 yrs – 15 yrs). However outcomes are good in older age groups as well. Most of our older patients who come in with deformities from badly fixed or neglected fractures , are delighted to regain both function and form in their limbs after years of dis-satisfactory treatments elsewhere.

What happens if deformities are left untreated?

Deformities mostly affect the Spine , Hips, legs , hands, wrist , fingers and feet besides the skull & face. If untreated, they change your appearance, restrict your movement and ability to lead an independent life , besides causing problems like social isolation, depression etc.
They also affect functioning of connected organs ( eg : untreated spine deformity affects appearance, breathing, kidney and heart ) which will later need complex surgery like hip replacements.

How does Deformity correction work at MIOT?

Deformity correction at MIOT builds on the body’s amazing ability to grow new bone tissue at the very site that it is cut during Reconstruction surgery.

What exactly do the Specialists do at MIOT?

They first draw up a customised Reconstruction Plan after complete investigation & diagnosis. It is shared with the Patient’s caregiver and outlines expected results, time lines & precautions for patient. The Reconstruction surgery ( usually keyhole ) that follows, includes other surgeons (Plastic surgeon etc) required for a complete correction and maybe done in several stages . They are done in cutting – edge, infection free theatres with specialised instruments. Post surgery, Specialists work with the Patient & care giver to execute the latest Reconstruction procedures that give the growing bone, the right stretch and direction for correct growth .With adequate time, customised physiotherapy & minute adjustments by MIOT experts, the missing bone gets replaced and deformed bone segments are lengthened or straightened . The regenerated bone is normal, strong and grows alongwith the supporting muscles, nerves and blood vessels, returning the patient to dignity, full of life.

Why does MIOT have so many Redo correction surgeries coming in from elsewhere, post accident ?

Accident victims are usually taken to the nearest Medical centre in panic with the focus on saving lives. Inadequate cleaning of wounds and fixing of fractures without essential skill and equipment leads to infection, unset fractures, stiffness and deformity. These patients who are brought to MIOT are then treated by the concerned Specialist. Accident cases that come directly into our Trauma Care Dept are treated immediately by the Multi disciplinary Specialist Team , available 24 x 7 and hence do not require Re do surgery later. This unique combination of Expertise & Facilities at MIOT International gives every patient with a bone deformity the best chance to leave behind his deformity & disability, for life. Trust the Specialist.

  • Experienced Team of Specialists for every deformity (Spine, Hip, Shoulder, Limbs, Paediatric), available 24 x7
  • Highly trained support team of Nurses & Physiotherapists
  • Team approach, pooling of expert knowledge & skills
  • In-house, state- of -the- art Imaging & Lab facilities
  • Cutting edge operating theatres with specialised equipment
  • Latest reconstruction techniques for best results